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Myanmar Frees 153 Chinese Loggers Sentenced to Life

MYANMAR -  Myanmar has freed 153 Chinese facing life sentences for illegal logging.  Their release was part of a larger presidential amnesty deal which freed close to 7,000 prisoners.

Last week's sentencing strained the country's relation with neighboring China. News reports say a life sentence like that given to the 153 loggers, is typically equal to 20 years. An additional two Chinese loggers, both said to be minors, were given 10 years.

Woodworking Industry News

Wood-Based Biofuels Help FedEx Fly

Wood-based biofuel will be used to fuel FedEx jets within two years under a seven year contract between Red Rock Biofuels and FedEx Express, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. Red Rock, which is also supply bio jet fuel to Southwest Airlines, will produce 3 million gallons of low-carbon, renewable jet fuel per year for the company. First delivery is in 2017.

Woodworking Industry News

Premier EuroCase Introduces High-Gloss Acrylic Five-Piece Doors at AWFS

 DENVER, CO – Premier EuroCase is the first to introduce a high‐gloss acrylic five‐piece door as a new design option to the woodworking industry. Premier showcased the new application of their innovative Reflekt high‐
gloss product line at the AWFS Fair in Las Vegas from July 22 – 25, 2015.  
The expansion of the Reflekt product line to include a five‐piece door is a result of Premier’s ingenuity, process intelligence and superior manufacturing capabilities. The door components are PUR laminated inside a certified
Woodworking Industry News

Thermwood To Combine 3D Additive Printing and CNC Machining

CNC manufacturer Thermwood Corp. says it is developing a 3D additive manufacturing system, that is capable of making large carbon graphite reinforced composite thermoplastic components. It uses a “near net shape” approach with a large extruder, mounted to the machine, heats, melts and “prints” carbon graphite filled thermoplastic material to create a structure which is then five-axis machined to its final net shape.


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