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Woodworking Industry News

Woodworking Industry News

First 3D Printed Office to Be Built in Dubai

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - The world's first office building made via 3D printing is slated for construction in Dubai in 2017, the UAE National Innovation Committee announced Tuesday. 

A 20-foot-tall 3D printer will be used to construct the 2,000-square-foot office. 3D printing technology also will be used to produce the office furniture, detailing as well as structural components, which will be made from special reinforced concrete, glass fiber reinforced gypsum and fiber reinforced plastic.

Woodworking Industry News

USGBC CEO Fedrizzi to Step Down in 2016

WASHINGTON -   U.S. Green Building Council founder and CEO Rick Fedrizzi said he will step down from the position at the end of 2016.

“As one of the founders of USGBC, I never could have imagined the sweeping global impact the organization would have, the wide-ranging work that could be accomplished, the dramatic change in our industry that we would lead, the scale of the innovation we would spark or the number of lives we would touch,” Fedrizzi said. “It’s been a humbling and gratifying experience.”

Woodworking Industry News

Wood Coatings Firm Pumps $3.4 Million into R&D Facility

AkzoNobel Performance Coatings is investing approximately $3.4 million to expand its research and development facilities in Houston. The upgraded facility supports the company’s Protective Coatings, Marine Coatings and Specialty Coatings businesses. Completion is due in early 2016. 
“The expanded facility will provide a central, state-of-the-art technical resource for our businesses in the U.S., creating the critical mass for effective R&D to efficiently support our customers,” says Aidan Mernin, RD&I Director for Protective Coatings. 


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