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Residential Furniture Orders Are Steadily Rising

New orders in June 2015 increased 10 percent over July 2014 orders and were down from May 2015, according to the latest survey of manufacturers and distributors by High Point accounting and consulting firm Smith Leonard. In June 2014, Smith Leonard noted that there was a 5 percent increase in new orders over the previous year.

Canadian News

Unifor Complaint Says Gingrich Woodcraft is Union Buster

Canada's Unifor union says it filed complaints against Gingrich Woodcraft, alleging the Devlin, Ontario wood components manufacturer is engaging in a lock out to keep its workers from forming a union. Leon Gingrich closed his firm August 17 following an August 12 voted by 69 percent of the company's 25 employees that resulted voting to unionize. A hearing is scheduled for Monday, August 24.

Woodworking Industry News

Weekly Watch: Lumber Liquidators, Gingrich Woodcraft Union Shutdown

Lumber Liquidators could win as the California Air Resources Board changes its laminating panel formaldehyde testing recommendations, says an analyst at Seeking Alpha. Also watching what's happening to lumber futures pricing as China's building market and its leaders try to avoid having the economy shift into reverse. And what about Gingrich Woodcraft's decision to fire everyone and close down after workers voted to unionize?


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