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10 Common Wood Finishing Problems

Posted: 03/19/2010 2:00AM

These 10 common wood finishing problems can happen to any woodworker who doesn't follow proper wood finishing techniques.

Favorite Wood Species for Components and Displays

Posted: 03/19/2010 2:00AM

Wood species selection plays an important role in the production of wood components, furniture and displays. We asked a number of manufacturers & suppliers to name their favorite wood species and tell us why.

Tips for using 'super' coatings

By Mac Simmons Posted: 09/10/2009 2:00AM

By Mac Simmons -- Coatings like conversion varnishes are popular, but require caution when used, for safety and to obtain good results.

Restoring checked and crazed finishes

By Mac Simmons Posted: 06/09/2009 2:00AM

By Mac Simmons - Here are tips for repairing damaged coatings effectively.

Advances in spray guns for water-based finishes

By Matthew Warnock Posted: 04/09/2009 2:00AM

By Matt Warnock -- This month, CWB talked to spray gun manufacturers to provide readers with invaluable information on new developments in technology, as well as how to achieve superb results with water-based finishes.

A Little About Airbrushing

By Mac Simmons Posted: 03/09/2009 2:00AM

By Mac Simmons - Old techniques and tools, such as airbrushes, are still handy for making finish repairs and adjustments.

A New Twist to Fuming

By Mac Simmons Posted: 07/15/2008 2:00AM

By Mac Simmons - Being rushed for time inadvertently leads to the discovery of a new technique.

Tried-and-True Colorant

By Mac Simmons Posted: 05/13/2008 2:00AM

By Mac Simmons - Van Dyke Brown is a finish shade that has stayed popular throughout the years.

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